January 24, 2022 – The San Carlos Palace in Bogota, headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, brought together the High Level Group of the Pacific Alliance, made up of the Vice Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, in order to review the final details of the XVI Summit of the Pacific Alliance to be held this Wednesday, January 26 in Bahia Malaga, in the Colombian Pacific.

In addition to reviewing the three Declarations to be signed at the XVI Summit, the agenda items and logistical issues, the Vice ministers also discussed with the Colombia Chapter of the Alliance Business Council of the Pacific (CEAP), reviewed the decisions to be approved by the Council of Ministers on January 25, as well as the draft work plan of the Pacific Alliance Cooperation Fund for this year.

Colombia has held the pro tempore presidency of the Pacific Alliance since December 2021. In its purpose of advancing the Strategic Vision 2030, it has led different initiatives in areas such as cooperation with other regional blocs and Observer States, regulatory harmonization, trade, digital talent, migration matters, among others.