The Pacific Alliance and the European Union held a series of cooperation workshops on digital economy and society between June 15 and 17, 2021. There, they addressed topics such as the digitization of public services and digital identity and electronic signature; sustainable, secure and efficient digital infrastructures, especially in relation to 5G and cybersecurity, as well as the digital transformation of companies and public services.

The workshops were attended by more than 60 public officials from Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, in charge of implementing the Regional Digital Market Roadmap. There, both European and Pacific Alliance countries’ experiences in terms of public policies, regulatory frameworks and initiatives, among others, were shared.

As a result of these workshops, it was agreed to hold technical meetings related to the use of electronic signatures, interest was expressed in the exchange of best practices and experiences in the area of 5G and possible cooperation in the area of personal data protection.

In September 2019, the Joint Declaration of the European Union (EU) and the Pacific Alliance (PA) established a framework for cooperation between the two blocs.