Within the framework of the XVI Summit of the Pacific Alliance, held in Bahía Málaga (Colombia) on January 26, 2022, the entry of two new Observer States of the Pacific Alliance was approved; Pakistan and Ireland.


Guidelines for potential Observer States of the Pacific Alliance

  • Countries that are not part of the Pacific Alliance, may participate as Observer States, according to the dispositions established by the Council of Ministers: share the principles and objectives established in the Pacific Alliance Framework Agreement.

  • Make a formal request to be an Observer to the Pro Tempore Presidency; the decision is taken by the member countries and communicated to the applicant.

  • Observer States may participate in meetings to which they are invited by the member countries and will have the right to speak.

  • If an Observer State has free trade agreements with at least half of the member states, they may apply for membership.

  • As of the acceptance date of the request to apply for membership, an Observer State must comply with the conditions within a year to initiate its process to be a member. If the deadline expires, the Council of Ministers may grant a new deadline and give recommendations. Costa Rica and Panama are Observer States who are now candidates to be part of the Pacific Alliance.

  • The position of Observer State will remain as long as the interested State maintains its commitment with the principles, objectives and work of the Pacific Alliance; it is not revoked by the Council of Ministers; the Observer State resigns the position, or becomes a member State.

  • Member states may convene guests by consensus to participate in meetings and instances.