With the participation of representatives of the public and private sectors, a dialogue on innovation as the main instrument for generating productivity and competitiveness of SMEs was held in Lima.

The public-private dialogue aimed to identify the barriers and challenges that SMEs face to innovate, as well as to know the instruments to bring innovation closer to SMEs and the strategies of the startup model. All this in order to give them adequate support that allows them to transcend and internationalize, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Pacific Alliance.

During the event, the relevance of SMEs for the Pacific Alliance was highlighted and initiatives in favor of these were disseminated, such as the CAF Fund; likewise, the importance of the Pacific Alliance innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem made up of initiatives such as AcelerAP or InnovAP was underlined.

It should be noted that the Pacific Alliance considers the development of innovation as the main instrument to increase the productivity and competitiveness of SMEs in the region; since innovation contributes to the acquisition of new knowledge and capabilities, it shortens technological gaps and accelerates the internationalization of SMEs.